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Game Features/Prouct Features

- Enhances Wii remote for shooting games / Comes bundled with Link's Crossbow Training / Game is ESRB Rated T for Teen

- With the Wii Zapper, your game shooting experience is guarenteed to take on a whole other dimension.

- Your Wii remote and nunchuck fit snugly into the Zapper, still working as well as before, only now in a shape that, when simulating the use of a weapon such as a gun or bow, allows for a steadier hand that is much less likely to get tired.

- Included with the Zapper is Link's Crossbow Training for the Wii, a clever and engaging shooting game set in the world of Twilight Princess that includes 27 different levels, several different game modes and multiplayer capability up to four people.

- Link's Crossbow Training is ESRB Rated T for Teen.