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EMS-171 Hydra

Restore, refresh, relax
Stylish and powerful ultrasonic humidifier High-performance hygrostat
Hygrostat, mist output regulator
Ionic Silver Cube

fresh, relax—a breath of fresh air makes a world of difference in your space.
Give your home a complete transformation with the presence of a stylish and powerful ultrasonic humidifier, which features a high-performance hygrostat, mist Output regulator and Ionic Silver Cube for controlled humidification.


Ionic Silver Cube inhibits growth of mold bacteria
Large Transparent water tank holds 1.6 gallons
Demineralization cartridge prevents White dusting
Maximum output is 2 gallons per day
Automatic shutoff

Unit Dimensions: 11.9" W x 12.9" H x 5.9" D