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iPod Touch 8GB White

Sleek Design

At only 7.2mm thin, this is the thinnest iPod touch yet. The glass face and stainless steel back provide a clean look and excellent durability for a device that's equally at home in your hand or in your pocket

Retina Display

The iPod touch features the same stunning 3.5" Retina Display as the iPhone 4. It has 4 times the pixel count of the previous iPod touch - so many that the human eye can't distinguish individual pixels. This makes for ultra-sharp graphics, images, and text; perfect for games, photos, videos, and iBooks

Multi-Touch Control

The Multi-Touch display lets you easily access your content, change the aspect ratio, or control media playback with the touch of a finger. Scroll through screens slowly by dragging your finger or flick it across the screen to cover more ground. The touch makes it simple and easy to control your media. The touch features a pop-up QWERTY keyboard that lets you type emails or search for music and videos in the iTunes Store

A4 Processor

The iPod touch uses the same A4 processor that's found in the iPhone 4 and iPad. This chip is remarkably powerful yet power-efficient so it can perform complex functions like multitasking and video editing, while simultaneously maximizing battery life


solid-state flash memory serves as a reliable home for your music, videos, photos, and apps

Front and Rear Cameras

Cameras are found on both the face and the rear of the iPod touch. The front camera records 640 x 480 VGA-quality photos and video at 30fps, while the rear camera records HD 720p video at 30fps, and captures still photos at 960 x 720 (0.7 megapixels). Both cameras can be used during FaceTime calls


Apples FaceTime technology lets you video chat with your friends and loved ones in real-time over WiFi thanks to the integrated cameras. You can even switch back and forth between the 2 cameras during a chat so your chat partner can see you or what youre looking at 1

Video Editing

Basic video trimming can be performed on the iPod touch, while more complex movie editing can be performed using Apples iMove app, available separately in the App store

Game Center

Apples Game Center, part of iOS 4, allows you to rank your game scores and compare achievements against your friends. You can also challenge your friends (or automatically chosen strangers) in multiplayer games

iOS 4

The iOS 4 software provides a wealth of advanced features, including multitasking, app folders, FaceTime, Game Center, Security, and Accessibility functions for those with disabilities

Volume Controls

Built-in volume controls allow you to make quick adjustments

Built-in Speaker

Enjoy casual listening with the integrated speaker

Stereo Earbuds

The included stereo earbuds provide high-quality audio so you can enjoy your music and movies to their fullest. The iPod touch also supports headphones that have an integrated microphone and remote control, allowing you to take voice notes or make voice recordings, as well as control music
playback and adjust volume

Long-Lasting Battery with Fast Charge Time

The touch will provide autonomy for up to 40 hours of music or 7 hours of video playback. You can charge your iPod touch to 80% capacity in about 2 hours and to full capacity in only 4 hours

iTunes Store

The iTunes Store can be accessed via WiFi, allowing you to preview and download all of your favorite songs and videos. You can even buy or rent television shows and movies

App Store

Download thousands of applications and games that take full advantage of groundbreaking technology, including Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, gyroscope, real-time 3D graphics, and 3D positional sound. Apples Genius technology will also give you recommendations for apps that you might enjoy

3-Axis Gyroscope

The 3-Axis gyroscope provides advanced motion sensing, full 3D attitude, and rotation awareness for an even more robust gaming experience


The touch senses its orientation and switches automatically from portrait to landscape to aid in viewing an entire web page, a photo in its proper aspect ratio, or to access Cover Flow when listening to music

Ambient Light Sensor

The touchs ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the touchs brightness to suit your environment and to conserve battery power

Voice Control and Memos

The iPod can use its built-in mic or recognize an external mic to accept voice commands and take voice memos

Genius Playlists and Mixes

Apples Genius Playlists and Genius Mixes allow you to hear a song that you like and instantly create a "smart playlist or endless mix of similar songs with the touch of a button

Spotlight Search

The built-in Spotlight search function lets you browse your entire iPod for emails, songs, artists, and more

Shake to Shuffle

The fun Shake to Shuffle feature takes advantage of the touchs accelerometer to let you shuffle music playback just by shaking the iPod


The built-in Nike+iPod sensor let you track workout time, distance, and calories burned with syncing available at nikeplus.com


You can sync photos between your computer and iPod, or download photos via email. By connecting to WiFi, you can use the iPod touch to share photos in an email or upload them to a MobileMe gallery


The iPod touch can handle your email with the ability to view HTML, PDF, Word or Excel files


Let Google maps find your way with live traffic updates, satellite imagery, points of interest, and street names


Some of the most commonly used widgets live on your customizable home screen including weather, notes, and stocks

Web Clips

Dont just make a bookmark of your favorite web page, save a web clip of it and store it on your own custom home page

Custom Home Screen

Save your favorite applications or web pages right on your own custom home screen. You can also use iTunes to set up your home screen layout and create folders in your computer

Safari Web Browser

It is easy and fun to surf the net on your iPod touch with Safari. Zoom in with the touch of your finger and bookmark your favorite sites

Cover Flow

Zoom through your album artwork with the swipe of your finger


Access original content from YouTube by touching the YouTube icon on the home screen. Search for content or access favorites. The iPod touch brings YouTube to your pocket