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Class 4 speed is recommended for AVC-HD recording
Sony® SDHC Memory cards are compatible with multiple SDHC manufacturer devices providing the ultimate in flexibility. Sony SDHC cards have undergone rigorous testing ultimately providing optimized performance with your hardware device.
Shooting Applications – What SD card is best for me?
In order for you to get the most out of your digital experience, you should know which SDHC card is best suited for the applications you wish to use on your device. For users looking to get the most out of the device, a Class 4 card or higher is best. All of Sony’s SDHC cards offer Class 4 performance and higher.

Sony SDHC Class 4 Memory cards are ideal for high-speed applications like HD video recording. Class 4 also supports fast file transfer.
Free Downloadable Software
File Rescue Sony offers file rescue software which can recover photos and videos that have been accidentally damaged or deleted on the card. x-Pict StoryTM software x-Pict software is included in all Sony SD/SDHC cards and can be used for creating customized slideshows of your images.

Recording Time
Shoots 2,400 (14 megapixel) photos Records: High Definition (5 Mps) 6 hour 35 minutes High Definition (24 Mps) 1 hour 55 minutes
Memory Stick Interface: 4bit parallel

Memory Size: 16GB
Usable Capacity (Approx.): 14.4GB

Operating Conditions
Operating Current: 200mA (Max)
Operating Temperature Requirements: -25~+85℃ (Non-condensing)