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Share your experiences and memories with your friends and family at once- HD style. IOGEAR's HD AV Cable with Charge and Sync allows you to display audio, video, and photos from HDMI enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, cameras, tablets, or netbooks on an HDTV.

Simply connect the HD AV cable to the HDMI Micro Type D outlet in your mobile device, with the opposite end of the cable connected to the HDTV's HDMI input port.

Voila! HD goodness!

With a driver-free set up, the process to get started is quick and painless. The GDROAVC6's cable reaches 6.5 feet and easily stores for optimum portability. Wherever you are, as long as you have access to an HDTV, you will have the ability to feature your adventures on a larger screen for all to enjoy.

IOGEAR also includes and adapter which will allow your portable device to charge while it's in use, preventing your battery from draining when watching long movies.

Works with:

Note: Some smartphone's streaming application may not work with the cable due to Digital Right Management.

• Motorola DROIDX™
• Motorola ATRIX™
• Motorola Photon™
• Mototola XOOM™
Cable Connections
Input Micro USB Male; HDMI Micro Type D
Output USB Type A Male; HDMI

Amps 1.0 A
Voltage 5V

Audio Input HDMI Micro Type D
Audio Output HDMI Micro Type D
Computer Side USB Type A Male

Video connections
Input HDMI Micro Type D
Output HDMI