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Sony 4GB Memory Card

For use in digital still cameras, camcorders and other SDHC card compatible devices
Class 4 speed is recommended for AVC-HD recording
Label area on the card for organization and easy identification
Includes x-Pict Story picture sharing software
Includes File Rescue Software
Class 4 supports fast file transfer
Sony brings you the new 4GB SDHC Memory Card, suitable for High Definition Video Recording. Free software (Memory Card File Rescue and x-Pict Story for Memory Card) are available for download separately.

4GB Capacity
Ideal for 1920x1080 AVCHD Recording
Free Software download (Memory Card File Rescue & x-Pict Story for Memory Card)
Class 4
Warranty 5 years
Usable Capacity Approx. 3.6GB
SD Interface 4bit-parallel
Power Requirements (voltage) 2.7V - 3.6V

Operating Conditions
Operating Current (4-bit parallel transfer) 200mA (max)
Operating Temperature Requirements (Serial/ 4-bit parallel transfer) -25°C ~ +85°C (-13°F ~ +185°F) (Non-condensing)