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RCA ANT3036 36-Element Universal Outdoor TV Antenna (ANT3036W)
The unique design of the RCA ANT3036W boosts both UHF and VHF signals while rejecting ghost signals and discarding weaker signals that could interfere with reception quality. This is especially important when you live over 30 miles from the broadcast source. The 36-element design and 90” boom length focus in on the strongest signal for amazing signal strength and reception.

Roof top antenna

33 elements, 120" boom length

Features swing-out locking elements and matching transformer

Fringe range: 60 miles
Product Type - TV antenna
Recommended Use - Outdoor
Weight - 6 lbs
Localization - English
Wave Band - FM, UHF, VHF
Mounting Kit - Included
Included Accessories - Band separator