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High-Power Amplified Indoor TV Antenna
Amplifies up to 45dB with signal pass to avoid signal saturation; 3-stage amplifier
39 in. retractable dipoles adjust for best reception
UHF loop tilts 180 degrees and rotates 360 degrees
Integrated 3-way switch for switching between antenna and cable or satellite
Integrated hook-up cable; low noise insertion loss and no assembly required
Isolated dual UHF and VHF gain controls
Noise Filtration
LED Power-on indicator
Technical Information
Gain 45 dB
Cable Length 6 ft
Additional Information Low-noise circuit
Supports: VHF/UHF
No assembly required
Low-noise insertion loss
Signal bypass turns amplifier off
Adjustable UHF loop & reflector
39-inches adjustable VHF Dipoles
Isolated VHF & UHF gain controls
No-scuff pad protects cabinet top & TV
Off-air reception of local analog or digital channels
6-ft 75 ohms coaxial hook-up cable with F-connector for easy hook-up
Connectors F-Type