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The Panasonic MC-UG223 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight upright vacuum made for cleaning carpet. It comes with onboard tools to clean curtains, shelves, and other surfaces
Quick Handle Release—Use the foot pedal at the base of the vacuum to release the handle from its upright position. It also has a third position for getting low underneath furniture.
Extension Wand has 10-Foot Reach—Need to clean the ceiling or above your kitchen cabinets? Use the extension wand, which has a 10-foot reach for extra access.
Thermal Protector—There’s no need to worry about your Panasonic MC-UG223 overheating. When the motor gets to a certain temperature, it automatically turns off.
Leaf Green Color—The leaf green color of this vacuum is pleasing and modern.
Reliable Yet Affordable—Panasonic has become an international provider of home appliances because of its attention to quality. With this model, enjoy reliability at a low price.
Faster Cleaning—Lightweight, small, and built with all the attachments right onboard, the Panasonic MC-UG223 makes vacuuming easier and faster.
Low Maintenance—Whether you’re swapping out the dust bags or snipping lint and hair off the brushroll, you’ll find this vacuum easy to keep maintained.
-Vacuum Style Upright
-Collection Type Bagged
-Floor Surface Type Low-Pile Carpet, Medium/High-Pile -Carpet
-Height 42 in.
-Width 14 in.
-Depth 12.5 in.
-Weight 14 lbs.
-Cleaning Path 14 in.
-Cleaning Reach 35 ft.
-Attachments 3
-Hose Length 6 ft.
-Sealed Filtration System No
-HEPA Filter/S-Class Filter No
-ULPA Filter No
-Odor Control Filter No
-Brushroll On/Off No
-Brushroll Power Electric-Powered
-Adjustable Suction Control No
-Height Adjustment Control Automatic
-Bag Change Indicator No
-Filter Change Indicator No
-Headlight Yes
-Automatic Cord Rewind No
-Dirt Sensor No
-Color Green
-Electrical Cord Length 25 ft.
-Cordless No
-Voltage 110-120 V V
-Amperage 12 Amps